Reel Value are able to provide the full range of Penn International reels, and we have both new and second hand available.



REEL VALUE have the full range of Penn International big game reels in stock, ranging from the very 'fishable' 12LT right through to the mighty Penn 130. These are all either new or as new, as we do not stock any second hand reels that we would not want to use ourselves.  The Penn International range is the undisputed king of the big game angling scene, with a whole host of world records being attributed to these finely engineered reels. Additionally we have available a number of second hand TRQ reels, which are absolutely mint.  Although we show these as second hand, some have never had line on them!


Penn International Fly Reels

No longer made, we do however have a few mint condition Penn International Fly Reels still left, again second hand, but any buyer will be unable to tell, such is the condition of these reels. We can also supply spare spools, and our prices are very reasonable. Reel prices start from £250.00, so e-mail us with your requirements.


Penn TRQ International

Code        Ratio  Capacity      RRP  Our Price

TRQ100     6.3  450yd/12lb   £420    £400

TRQ200     6.3  450yd/16lb   £420    £400

TRQ300     6.3  450yd/30lb   £435    £417

TRQ100LD 6.2  420yd/12lb   £459    £437

TRQ300LD 6.4  360yd/30lb   £459    £437

Special - TRQ Boat Rods from £125 to £135


Penn 975 Multipliers

Code       Ratio  Capacity     RRP  Our Price

975LD      4.4   300yd/15lb  £358  £350

975CSLD  4.4   300yd/15lb  £358  £350


Supreme PE Braided Line

30lb 500m spools  £49.99

50lb 500m spools  £49.99

80lb 500m spools  £49.99


We stock a range of big game lures from full size Marlin to Tuna, Wahoo, Bonito and many many more.  Please use our Contact form with your enquiry.