REEL VALUE Service Request Form

Simply hover your mouse over the link above and click, and you will be directed to the Service/Repair Request Form.  Please print the form and include it with your reel/rod for repair or service.


With over 40 years Engineering experience, Reel Value are usually able to service and repair your treasured reels.


We are able to fully service your reels, although we can also offer a full strip down and cleaning service. Modern reels are quite complex engineering items, and for a novice this can lead to having bits left over once the reel is re-assembled! We take pride in our methods for cleaning or servicing.


 We have large stocks of spare parts, and even if we don't carry the item you require, we are normally able to obtain these from the original reel manufacturer.  Failing this, we have been known to have those elusive spare parts machined for us. Reel Value also stock a wide range of spares for Okuma - contrary to the belief that spares for these reels are not available! Try us and find out!!


REEL VALUE are now equipped to sell reel bearings for both trade and retail, and prices for reel bearings are very competitive indeed.


Whether you have a multiplier, fixed spool, centre pin or other fishing reel type for clean, service or repair, we can normally manage these with a quick turnaround for you so you are back fishing as quickly as possible. Reel Value can also provide condition reports on request.


We have a substantial library of exploded views for a massive range of reels, both old and new, and for a nominal sum these can be purchased, with the purchase price being deducted from any subsequent order for spare parts. This facility is available for multiplier, fixed spool, centre pin and other types of reel that our customers may need servicing by us.  Our work is guaranteed, and prices start at just £10.00 for partial strip and clean down.  Return of your precious reel is by recorded return postage at cost. Our servicing costs are amongst the most competitively priced, if not the lowest in the market today.









Contact Reel Value using our Contact Page with your requirements and an estimate for a guaranteed  service that we take great pride in.