The Reel Value range of fly rods is second to none.  We currently hold over 500 fly rods in stock of all types.  Our range however is dominated by the best selling 8'-6", 6 weight, the 9'-6", 7 weight and the travel fly rod at 7 weight.  All these rods are with exceptional blank quality matching the much more expensive marques out there.


The range of our fly rods include the 8'-6" 6 weight rod, finished in stunning green cross weave carbon fibre, very similar to a well known manufacturers colours.  It is no surprise that these rods have been compared as equal to much more expensive rods for performance, but certainly not price. Only £24.99 for these exceptional value rods.


The Reel Value range includes this 7 weight, 9'-6".  These rods are exceptional, and testimonials from previous purchasers can be provided if requested.  These equal many other bigger brand name rods at a fraction of the price.  Just £23.99.


The best seller in our range of budget fly rods, this 5 piece 7/8 weight travel fly rod represents outstanding value for money at just £45.00.  Every report we have had on these rods has been praising the super performance, equalling any of the much more expensive brand name rods.  Ideal for keeping in the boot of the car or for the holiday angler.  Fantastic rods at a great price!


Reel Value have a wide range of fly reels for you to choose from, including some like new second hand ones.  Our new range starts at just £16.99 for a 4/6 weight reel of good quality, and again ideal for using and abusing! We also have a much more 'discerning' range in the Penn International series, Snowbee and Hardy reels.  Just Contact us for details and tell us what you need.


To supplement our range of fly fishing rods and reels, we have an extensive range of lines, floating, intermediate and sinking; ready tied flies at knock down prices; kits of flies already for you to just set off and fish with; leader material; landing nets at just £9.99; fly tying materials and equipment and much more.  We have around £2000 of stock of fly tying materials at the moment, so contact us for all your needs.