Reel Value can also surprise you with our range of boat tackle sales.  


Our boat rod range includes a 30lb class rod for just £14.99, and an all roller rod of 30/50lb class for the low price of £19.99, with the same rollers as fitted to some of the Penn range of rods.  These are great value rods and ideal for the boat.  We can supply the full range of sea fishing boat rods, from the heavy conger type 30/50lb class, down to light boat work for flatfish such as turbot and brill.  We are also stockists of uptide rods of various casting weights.  Our Contact page will help you out.


Reel Value can supply a wide range of new multiplier boat reels for all types of fishing. The Roddy Hunter, made by Penn, is an ideal all round boat reel suitable for all UK waters, and will more than adequately handle our species.  Just £24.99 for the reel which includes a full spool of line.


The V6000 is effectively the Penn Roddy 175, and is an excellent reel for light boat work.  With level wind and star drag, these are ideal for drifting for plaice, turbot, brill, or for light line sport fishing for bass and pollack.  Only £24.95 for this superb reel.


Again Reel Value will willingly supply full sea fishing kits, including rod, reel, rigs, weights - in fact all you need just to set off for the coast!  Individual end tackle rigs are available, and are all hand made with top quality tackle.  Please note - our rigs are not made abroad, but are made in-house for guaranteed quality.  Prices start at just £1.99.  Contact us for details for full set up boat kits or your rig requirements.