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the bail spring broke on an old daiwa spinning reel i have i couldn't source one anywhere i found the reel value website and emailed john he said to post the reel to him and he do his best to repair it. i posted it on 19/03 i got an email from john on the evening 20/03 that he had made a bail spring and the bail arm was working fine i got my reel back on the 23/03 amazing service and i can't thank john enough and will certainly use him again in the future
thanks for your excellent repair work and speedy service work.much appreciated.would recommend you to anybody.
The service provided by John Wordsworth is second to none. I had been unable to locate spares for my late model Okuma reel, that is until I was put in contact with John at Reel Value. The required parts were quickly identified and sent of in the next post. Many thanks for providing such an efficient and reasonably priced service.
Hi John
Just a quick word to say thanks for the great service. Parts were sorted out with an e-mail, sent my cheque on the 20th goods arrived 25th. Brilliant.
Just hope the cod are biting tonight.
Hi John
Just like to say thanks for the fantastic service of suppling the drag knobs for my Okuma Longitude reel. Sent my cheque off last Wednesday and the parts arrived yesterday (Monday).
Just hope the cod are biting tonight.
Thanks for all your help John, a fantastic service supplied by yourself and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. You went out of your way to help me and kept me up to date all the way through. I will definitely be using you again in the future.

Many Thanks

Thanks John you have been a great help and I will definitely be recommending you to all my fishing buddies
Many thanks for the speedy, effective and economical servicing of my Okumas John. Also thanks for supplying the new GE3000. This looks as though it will be excellent for plug fishing for Bass and at �17 represents outstanding value.
Thanks John, Excellent repair to a 50 yo Mitchell 401....and cheap, speedy service... will certainly recommend.. Thanks again.
Great service, unbelievable value for money, and great advice thanks john
Many thanks John for rebuilding my Penn peerless no9 after I got into trouble attempting it my self, in future i'll leave it to you, fab service and quick, don't know how you do it for the money but pleased you do. Many thanks again,
thanks john great job ,mark
Great service!! ........Keep up the good work.
Great service!! ........Keep up the good work.
Great service!! ........Keep up the good work.
Excellent service, shimano baitrunner bail arm repaired and reel serviced. Very pleased quick reply to email and reel was posted repaired and back within a week.+ the price was very resonable.

I would recommend reel value 100%

cheers John

NFWP hauler.
Another fine job on one of my reels, Thank you again.
Your service and response is second to none.
My reels always come back feeling like new.
Michael Devenish
John, just a quick word of appreciation. I picked your name at random from a Google search on reel repair companies. I am absolutely delighted with the repair work you have done for me on my Shimano multiplier - I thought it was heading for the bin and it is now looking, ( and sounding), 'brand new'! Also the considerate way in which you kept me updated on each stage of the process is very much appreciated.
I now know where to go for excellent reel repair work in the future.
Many thanks and regards
Before even receiving my reel back I know that the work will have been carried out with the care, attention and enthusiasm which accompanies each of John's emails. He is a wonderful find: quick, efficient, scrupulously professional, trustworthy and competitively priced - one could ask for little more.
great service. great prices. highly recommended. thanks john.
Sent John my Daiwa Emblem Z's,had a dodgy bail arm on one and they all needed a good service.Couldn't believe my eyes when I got them back,they looked brand new!John lets you know what is going on,great workmanship,great price!
Amazing Service. I sent 4 Everol reels and John not only stripped and greased them but repaired a 2.5/0 reel that I thought was beyond help. He then gave me a very detailed break down of what he did for each reel and repaired everything at an incredible price. I did not think such experise, friendliness and sheer knowledge and exteremely quick service existed any more. John you give me hope for a lot more than reels. Long may you continue.
Thanks John for fixing the drag on my okuma fixed spool. Your repair was quick and efficient. I am very grateful
John thank you for your quick , friendly and very reasonable charges. I actually thought and had been told by another Shimano servicing outfit my reel was dead but you proved them wrong . Thank you. I will be sending more unloved reels soon. Happy Christmas and more success in the new year
Thank you to John for helping me with my order. Incredibly fast delivery all the way to Toronto Canada. Amazing level of service and a pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to my next purchase with Reel Value. Thanks Again,
Thanks Reel Value, your value in this circumstance has been REEL! sorry, couldn't resist, thanks again!
just like to say many thanks to john for a great job done servicing my 3 shimano longcasts,very thorough and knowledgable chap,i will definitely use his services again.Top bloke.
Just want to say a massive thankyou to John for getting an extremely difficult part to source for my okuma big pits !! Your service was great and the reels are in perfect working order !! Definitely be recommending too all my fishing friends !!

Thanks again James
Recieved my Fox Stratos Reels back yesterday after repair and service. Would just like to thank you for the excellent service and first class communication throughout. Will certainly use you again and will be recommending you to others.

Many thanks
Amazing service, thank you ... The Reel was overhauled and returned quickly; very good price and excellent communication. Would highly recommend this Site to anyone thinking of using it.
john would like to thank you for a speedy and brilliant service and repairs to both my shakespeare reels they have come bk to me in better condition than i sent them, i have put yr address over my tackle shop near me, i would definitely recommend you to all of my friends for an incredible service at low cost
thanks john p
Very many thanks for the work carried out on my old centerpin, it now run's like a new reel.
Your service was prompt and very cost effective.
I will be telling the members of our angling club what a very good service you offer.
Cheers Roger
I lent my faithful mackerel-basher rod and reel to a family member who returned it with a smashed front drag knob. This would normally mean binning the reel, due to its age. However I sent half the broken bit to John who managed to find a replacement and get it back to me. All without charge! I now know who will be doing my servicing and repairs from now on.
John is a 'reel' legend. I sent him a box of parts from my attempt at servicing my reel, within 48 hours it was back like new. As well as a fast and very well priced John has given me a lot of very helpful advice. I would thoroughly recommend this service to everybody. At the low prices it's worth having your reel serviced annually for complete piece of mind.

Will Clarke (competent reel dismantler)
I sent John a tournament 5000t that was in such a state that the handle would hardly turn and it was completely unusable, when i got it back after a few days and it was as if it was a brand new reel! I couldn't believe it was the same one! I cant thank and rate John highly enough! He did a fantastic job with brilliant communication all the way and excellent value! I will definatly be using him again.
Sent John a tournament 5000t that was in such a bad state the handle would hardly turn and it was completely unusable. When John sent it back to me it looked like a brand new reel! I couldn't believe that it was the same one! I cant thank him and rate him highly enough! Brilliant communication and excellent value for money, I will definatly be using him again.
You were right,it did indeed shine. Thanks for putting in the effort.
Sent John my battered baitrunners which have served well but been neglected over 20 years and within a week they back looking like new.

Top service and top communication from John

Customer service at its best

Great friendly service and fast turnaround. Good value for money. Will be sending my other reels for service to John and recommending him to friends. Don't hesitate to use him.
A brilliant and friendly service. Can't fault the work done on my Fox Stratos and Shimano Navi reels. Thank you for your expertise!
An excellent and friendly service with a fast turnaround. Brilliant work on my Shimano Navi and Fox Stratos fixed spool reels. Thank you for your expertise!
Thanks to John my shimano biomaster is now working again,
The parts arrived to me quickly at very competitive prices.

John Wordsworth great man,great character.

Lucian from Romania
John, thank you for an exercise service job on my 2 Shimano TLD reels. They needed your tender loving care. Will be using you again!
John, thank you for an exercise service job on my 2 Shimano TLD reels. They needed your tender loving care. Will be using you again!
I normally service my own reels but this pair of Penn Internationals had me beat. A quick Google and John's website came up. After an exchange of emails, followed my some of John's magic they came back running like new. Considering the labour charge and quick return, I know who will be looking after ALL my reels in the future !
Superb service. My Fox Stratos FS 10000 reels had been abused somewhat by their previous owner but now thanks to John they are working like new. Excellent communication throughout and all at a price that didn't break the bank. I will be recommending 'Reel Value' to all my fishing buddies and will certainly be using him myself in the future.
thanks for your excellent service john.brillant repair job on my shimano
Thanks very much John.
Excellent job done on my shakespeare reel

I am realy chuffed with this man. His skill at repairing fishing reels, is phenominal. Ive had 3done up to now , all absoloutely brilliant
Archie P